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Our online directory is a wonderful resource for Mother-Friendly care providers in Texas. Please take a look at:

The providers in this guide are paid Texas Birth
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the credentials of each provider that you interview and ask them about their individual practice policies and philosophies.

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Maternal Mortality Task Force Added to Special Session in TX Legislature

Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate of any other state in the United States. If it were its own country, Texas would have the highest maternal mortality rate in any other developed nation. Currently, the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force investigates what is causing this international disparity. However, the funding for this task […]

Birth Texas Opens Two Free Forums

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fort Worth, Texas – June 13, 2017 In direct response to a call for action, Birth Texas has opened a Facebook discussion group, as well as removed the cost associated with their online resource guide. The newly formed Facebook Group, “Birth Texas – Discussion Group” will be open for the community. The group […]

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