Birth Texas is a 501c3 non-profit consumer advocacy organization working to improve infant and maternal outcomes through awareness and outreach.


Our online directory is a wonderful resource for Mother-Friendly care providers in Texas. Please take a look at:

The providers in this guide are paid Texas Birth
Networks members. We encourage you to verify
the credentials of each provider that you interview and ask them about their individual practice policies and philosophies.

Professional memberships start at $40 per year and include a listing in our print and online guides. Review the different memberships at:

Regional Chapters are run by volunteers. To become a Regional Coordinator be sure to fill out our Regional Coordinator Application

Nice to meet you!

Meet our new Board President, Jen Sarduy: “Have you ever been to a team building meeting? You’re about to walk in, coffee in hand and eyes rolled to high heaven just knowing you’re going to spend the next hour doing trust falls with people you can’t even trust to get your lunch order right? Look […]

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