Regional Chapter Application

Texas Birth Networks Regional Chapter Application

Texas Birth Networks, a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to advocating and supporting evidence-based maternity care in the state of Texas.

Chapter Criteria


Chapters will be in good standing provided that:

  1. They have a minimum of 2 current Regional Coordinators, 1 being the designated IRS Contact
  2. They have signed the initial Texas Birth Networks’ (TXBN) Application
  3. They have signed their annual recommitment form
  4. They have submitted a quarterly Profit & Loss statement.

Regional Coordinators must:

  1. Sign a conflict of interest disclosure
  2. An initial commitment form, to be renewed annually
  3. Be a current member of Texas Birth Networks
  4. Send written notice before exiting mid term

Membership Dues and Funds


Membership dues are to be paid to Texas Birth Networks directly.  Once received dues will be divided 60% to the parent organization (TXBN) and 40% to the chapter. Special program membership dues will be divided at 70% to the parent organization and 30% to the chapter. 

Once disbursed quarterly Profit and Loss (P&L) statements will need to be provided to TXBN in the form of spreadsheet or another formal Profit and Loss Statement.

Ideas for Naming a Chapter


Creativity is encouraged. However, we have noticed keeping chapter names neutral promotes professionalism and defines a definite outreach area. For example Tarrant County Birth Network or Austin Area Birth Network both defines the area of outreach and encourages a positive, professional organization. Final chapter name approval will be at the discretion of the board.

Upon Approval


The TXBN board of directors reserves the right to reject chapter applications on the basis of regional proximity, input from current area chapters, or any other reason not prohibited by law. Upon approval current Regional Coordinators will receive:

  1. Upgraded login accounts for Regional Coordinator access to our membership database, this will include access to member lists and other reports.
  2. A chapter website, free of charge
  3. Website domain name registration. The cost of this registration will be fronted by Texas Birth Networks, and deducted from membership dues.  

Chapter Banking & Funds


Upon the first dispersment of membership dues a chapter account will be opened with Chase Bank. The assigned chapter IRS contact will have 30 days upon notification by Texas Birth Networks to sign and complete the account setup at the Chase branch of their choosing. Membership dues are transfered quarterly upon receipt of Chapter P&L. All banking fees are the sole responsibility of the chapter.

Chapter Status


To maintain an active chapter, quarterly Profit & Loss statements are due January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15 of every year. They can be emailed in .xls, .xlsx, or .pdf format to A chapter will be deemed inactive once their P&L is 30 days past due. Dues from inactive chapters will revert to the parent organization and will resume once missing documentation is provided. Chapters will be subject to termination once the second quarterly P&L is delinquent. Terminated chapters will be required to resubmit paperwork and will be subject to board approval.

Voluntarily Closing a Chapter


To voluntarily close a chapter, a chapter must provide a written exit statement signed by all current regional coordinators along with statements from all bank accounts, PayPal or other financial accounts, as well as a final P&L statement. Undispersed funds will revert to the parent organization, TXBN. 

These criteria are subject to change. We will make every effort to ensure coordinators are updated in a timely and reasonable fashion of any changes made

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