Maternal Mortality Task Force Added to Special Session in TX Legislature

We are approaching a crisis in Texas. Did you know, the great state of Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate of any other state in the United States? In fact, if Texas were its own country, Texas would have the highest maternal mortality rate of any other nation on the planet. Can you believe that?

Contact your legislator now and voice your support for accountability and better standards in reporting of maternal deaths in Texas.

As it stands now, the Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Task Force investigates the cause of this disparity. SB 1599 improves transparency and reporting standards for maternal deaths. Funding for this task force will cease to exist if SB 1599 isn’t approved — can you take a second to contact your legislator now?

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has added the S.B. 1599 to the Special Session agenda, slated to begin July 18, 2017.

Please take a moment and tell Governor Abbot and your state representative how important keeping this task force is for every mother. Visit the link below for a form that will do all of that for you. Feel free to use the pre-populated letter or make it uniquely yours

It’s with your help that change is possible. Thanks for stepping up and making your voice heard.

The team at Birth Texas