Nice to meet you!

Meet our new Board President, Jen Sarduy:

“Have you ever been to a team building meeting? You’re about to walk in, coffee in hand and eyes rolled to high heaven just knowing you’re going to spend the next hour doing trust falls with people you can’t even trust to get your lunch order right? Look over in the corner, you see that girl that’s actually excited to be here, you know her, she volunteers first for everything, can generally find the bright side in situations, and is t

he corniest of cornballs?
Oh, thats me. Hi!

I’m Jennifer Sarduy. I prefer Jen. I have three kids, Kaylen, 10, David Jr., 5, and Havana, 3. I had three completely different births that I will GLADLY tell you about at the inopportune moment of your choosing. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, David, who is the best birth partner a person could have. I like yoga, karaoke, grocery delivery services, brand new babies, and cooking.
I joined the board of Birth Texas a little over 6 months ago. I’ve volunteered for the past couple of years and felt it was time to get more involved. I’m passionate about doing the work necessary to improve outcomes in our state and to do it through inclusive education, wide-ranging outreach, and supporting existing organizations working here in Texas.
It’s a big job, and I hope I do it justice. I am the new President of Birth Texas, and its so nice to meet you.”